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Shipping of breast milk, ashes, hair, and placenta: Who, what, when, where, why, and how?!

Not to fear! When you place an order, you'll be sent an email within 24hrs with detailed and simple instructions for labeling and shipping your milk and/or other inclusions to us.  We request 15ml of breast milk and it does NOT need to be kept cold.  It is simple and easy to ship, it can even be mailed regular mail with just a stamp! We process jewelry in the order that we receive the milk and/or other inclusions, NOT when your order was placed.

What if I am ordering locally from Edmonton?

If you are local to the area and would rather drop off and pick up your items, please make sure to select "Local pick up' at checkout. We will then contact you to make arrangements.

What is the turn around time?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the turn around time of a specific piece. Our standard turn around time is in between 4-12 weeks from the time we receive your inclusions. I know this might sound like a really long time but it's actually one of the quickest in North America.

Can I modify or Cancel my order?

Modifications and cancellations are only possible during the first 72 hours after the order is placed. Due to the nature of these custom products, all sales are final after 72 hours.

What about international orders?

I do accept US orders. For US clients, it is preferred if the milk is sent to me with a trackable option incase there is any issues during the border crossing. Please also note that I am not responsible for any taxes or duties that you may incur once your piece is shipped to you.

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