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Marble Surface

Mailing Instructions


Please send 15ml/1/2 oz of breastmilk. Shipping your milk packaged as described below is important in order to avoid leaks and having to do it over again. The milk does not need to be kept cold and it can be old, non-edible milk that has been out too long or in the freezer too long but we cannot accept milk that has mold. Thaw the milk first, if it has been frozen.  Put the right amount of milk in a new breastmilk storage bag, making sure you take out any extra air and it's sealed tightly, and then place that milk in plastic baggies (ziplock) also taking out extra air and sealed tightly and then once more in an other baggie. Label it (or sharpie) with your full name and order number.


If you’re shipping fabric, a two inch square is plenty depending on the keepsake you order, put it in a baggie and label it with your name and order number.


If you're shipping hair, place a small lock, which has been taped on one end to a piece of paper labeled with your full name and order number in a separate baggie. We don't need much (15-20 strands about an inch long is usually sufficient).


If you’re shipping your baby’s umbilical cord stump, make sure it’s completely dry first.  Place it in a baggie and label with your name and order number.


If you're shipping dehydrated and ground placenta, send about a teaspoon worth (or about 2 capsules). Place it in a plastic baggie, labeled with name and order number.


If you'll be shipping cremation ashes, we don't need much. Please place about 1-2 teaspoons in a small plastic baggie and double or triple bag, making sure that all bags are sealed tightly. Label with your name and order number. We will ALWAYS treat your ashes with dignity, care, respect, and love; and will always return any unused ashes to you along with your jewelry.

For Canadian and U.S Customers.

Once you place an order you will receive a copy of this along with the address to mail it to. 

If you are local to Edmonton and would rather drop off/pick up please select local pick up at checkout.

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